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Mena Group offers a variety of consulting services aimed to bring your business or organisation to the front of the competition. These services can be used simultaneously or individually depending on your needs.

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NALED i Mena Group u saradnji sa Svetskom bankom i Austrijskim federalnim ministarstvom finansija objavljuju JAVNI POZIV jedinicama lokalne samouprave za učešće u regionalnom Programu za urbano partnerstvo (UPP). Program za urbano partnerstvo ima za cilj jačanje kapaciteta lokalnih samouprava u jugoistočnoj

Reyn network annual meeting and ISSA conference

Mena Group representative, Tatjana Obradović Tošić, participated at the annual meeting of the REYN network and the ISSA conference in Budapest in the period 8-12 October, 2014. After two years of REYN operation, REYN organized a 1 ½ day annual

A Project Coordinated By Mena Group Receives The European Commission Roma Integration Award

29th of September – 3rd of October For three years in a row, Mena Group Ltd has been coordinating the project “Mother-Child Educational Program” funded by the Roma Education Fund. The project aims to reduce the gap between Roma and