Mena Group


Mena Group was created by four women with a vision for change. We are a local consultancy firm based in Nis, South Serbia, whose mission is to be in the forefront of the development of learning organizations by bringing innovative solutions to society change. Mena Group’s aim is to make companies and organizations more competitive on the global market while keeping their local identity. For these reasons, Mena Group offers services of the latest training approaches and research to assist clients in achieving their goals in local and international markets. Mena Group’s professionals have international education and backgrounds, including specific experience working and studying in Serbia and Europe. Their knowledge has been put into practice in the Serbian context, working with different donors and development programs supported by SIDA, USAID, UN FAO, EU, UNDP, SECO and others.

Mena Group also aims to contribute to a growing trend of socially aware and responsible businesses and thus aim to cooperate with a wide variety of like-minded organisations and business both in Serbia and abroad.


Our Experts


Tamara Zivadinović – Facilitation expert –

  • Broad experience in the field of facilitation.
  • Former position – Head Process facilitator for the Integrated Milk and Dairy Development Project
  • Trained in Facilitating the Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Social Learning at the International Training Centre in Wageningen, Netherlands.
  • Certificate for Technology of Participation Methodology (developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs, USA)
  • Developed methodologies such as the creation of Multi-disciplinary Teams, and group formation.
  • Co-founder of the Serbian Facilitators Network
  • BSc in Agriculture, University of Belgrade (equiv. to European Masters)

Suzana Zivković – Translation & facilitation –

  • Court Appointed translator for Swedish language in Republic of Serbia (authorized by Ministry of Justice).
  • Broad experience in written and oral (consecutive & simultaneous) translations.
  • BA in English Language and Literature, University of Niš
  • Experienced in the field of facilitation
  • Certificate for Technology of Participation Methodology (developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs, USA)
  • Co-founder and coordinator for the Serbian Facilitators Network
  • Besides Serbian, Swedish and English, she also speaks French and Spanish.

Tatjana Obradovic-Tosic – Gender equality and Research Consultant

  • Proficient use of gender mainstreaming tools and techniques, acting both as a trainer and consultant
  • Training design and delivery on Gender awareness and Gender analysis
  • Training design and delivery on Gender mainstreaming in strategic planning process and project planning and implementation
  • Training design and delivery on Gender analysis of media content
  • Gender analysis of strategic plans, project proposals, policies, procedures, media content
  • Gender mainstreaming consultancy in strategic planning process
  • Gender mainstreaming consultancy in project development, implementation and evaluation
  • Project management for ECD and Gender equality projects
  • Member of the IAF Europe, Serbian Network of Facilitators and EMCC Serbia.


Mena Group ltd has been registered since 25th of December 2007. Other registration info is available on request