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NALED i Mena Group u saradnji sa Svetskom bankom i Austrijskim federalnim ministarstvom finansija



jedinicama lokalne samouprave za učešće u regionalnom Programu za urbano partnerstvo (UPP).

Program za urbano partnerstvo ima za cilj jačanje kapaciteta lokalnih samouprava u jugoistočnoj Evropi (JIE) i pružanje praktičnih alata izabranim zvaničnicima na lokalu, gradskoj/opštinskoj administraciji i tehničkom osoblju za donošenje odluka kako bi efikasno upravljali urbanim razvojem u cilju sveobuhvatnog i održivog rasta. U isto vreme UPP nudi participativne pristupe za uključivanje građana i podstiče izgradnju integriteta.
Program se sprovodi u sledećim zemljama JIE:
Albaniji, Hrvatskoj, Bosni i Hercegovini, Kosovu, Makedoniji, Crnoj Gori i Srbiji.

Javni poziv je otvoren od 30. novembra do 13. decembra 2015. godine za sve jedinice lokalne samouprave na teritoriji Republike Srbije. Broj mesta u okviru Javnog poziva je ograničen i prioritet će imati lokalne samouprave koje imaju kapacitet za efektivnije upravljanje urbanim razvojem u cilju inkluzivnog i održivog razvoja.

U okviru Javnog poziva možete se prijaviti za sledeće komponente, gde je moguće prijaviti se za jednu, dve ili sve tri komponente:

1. Samoprocena gradskih/opštinskih finansija / Urbana revizija;
2. Antikorupcija / Izgradnja integriteta;
3. Društvena odgovornost / Uključivanje građana.

Dodatne informacije o Programu, komponentama i prijavni obrazac možete preuzeti ovde

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Reyn network annual meeting and ISSA conference

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Mena Group representative, Tatjana Obradović Tošić, participated at the annual meeting of the REYN network and the ISSA conference in Budapest in the period 8-12 October, 2014.

After two years of REYN operation, REYN organized a 1 ½ day annual meeting on 8-9 October 2014, in Budapest, Hungary, right before the ISSA International Conference which took place between 10-12 October.


Within the meeting days participants took stock of the activities conducted in the past years under the REYN and strengthened the REYN membership through learning activities on critical issues related to ECEC and young Romani and Traveller children, families and communities.

The conference marked the 20th anniversary of the Open Society Foundations’ Step by Step Program and the 15th anniversary of ISSA. The three strands of ISSA’s 2014 conference addressed three major challenges.

Strand 1- Democratic values and practices in Early Childhood systems

Strand 2- Inclusion, equity and quality: the keys to reaching all children and families

Strand 3- A comprehensive approach to Early Childhood services and systems

Mena Group representative Tatjana Obradovic Tosic, presented the „Mother Child Educational Program“ that she is coordinating under strand 3.


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A Project Coordinated By Mena Group Receives The European Commission Roma Integration Award

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29th of September – 3rd of October

For three years in a row, Mena Group Ltd has been coordinating the project “Mother-Child Educational Program” funded by the Roma Education Fund. The project aims to reduce the gap between Roma and non-Roma children at an early age. The project is conducted in partnership between five Roma NGOs from five towns in Serbia – “Hands of Friendship” from Kraljevo, “Romanipen” from Kragujevac, “Romanicikna” from Krusevac, “Humanitarian Centre Rom” from Obrenovac and “Happy Little Colony” from Novi Sad.


The award is given in order to increase the visibility of challenges faced by Roma men and women, the outstanding contribution provided by Roma organizations that help Roma communities and the work of the European Union to support Roma inclusion. More than 60 organizations from seven countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey applied for this prize, and one project from each country was chosen to receive the award. The Roma Integration Award 2014 is awarded for the first time this year.

The project coordinator Tatjana Obradović Tošić participated in the study tour and the awards ceremony in Brussels. The study tour was organized by TACSO through the P2P program and included both visits to European institutions and non-governmental organizations engaged in improving the position of Roma population.


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World Open Space on Open Space 2014 in Belgrade

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September 18-21, 2014

Suzana Živković of Mena Group ltd participated at the 22nd World Open Space on Open Space on September 18-21 in Belgrade. The theme of this WOSONOS was “World Colliding; People Connecting”.

The conference was a three-day event with around 40 participants from mainly Europe but also USA, Australia and Israel. The founder of the Open Space Technology, Harrison Owen, also attended the conference providing valuable information and experience to the Open Space community.

Open Space is a participatory process that has proven itself over the last 29 years with hundreds of thousands of people of different cultures and languages, with many organizations and groups in nearly 140 countries on a multitude of issues and projects, big and small.

For more information, see http://wosonos2014.com/invite/


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Training organized by the Roma Early Years Network (REYN)

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Mena Group representative, Tatjana Obradovic Tosic, participated at the training organized by the Roma Early Years Network (REYN) on Embracing Diversity

 June 23-27, 2014


Mena Group representative, Tatjana Obradovic Tosic, participated at the training organized by the Roma Early Years Network (REYN) on Embracing Diversity


As the coordinator of the REF “Mother-Child Educational Programme” and member of the REYN network, Tatjana Obradovic Tosic participated at the training „Embracing Diversity – Creating Equitable Societies trough Personal Transformation“ organised between the 23rd and 27th of June 2014, in Belgrade. The training focused on personal transformation, re-questioning the subtle discrimination practices and learning from people, who are working with the Romani and Travellers children and their families, from more than 15 countries.


Investing in the continuous professional development of the network’s members is one of the main objectives of the REYN. They strongly believe that all professionals working with Romani and Traveller children and their families need to commit themselves to lifelong learning for improving their competences in order to be able to make a difference in the lives of those whom they serve.


Tatjana made graphic recording of the training which is available on Mena Group Facebook page.


More about REYN on http://www.issa.nl/content/reyn

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Conference Combating Corruption in Serbia

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June 17-18, 2014

Participation at the Conference “Combating Corruption in Serbia” organized by Partners for Democratic Change Serbia

Mena Group representatives participated at the Conference “Combating Corruption in Serbia – Achievements and Challenges” organized by Partners for Democratic Change Serbia and Law Scanner on the 17th and 18th June 2014 in Belgrade. More than 80 representatives of local self governments, independent institutions and other public institutions, civil society organizations, international organizations and international experts participated at the Conference.


The conference was organized in three different panels where various international, regional and national experts on anticorruption and transparency spoke about the matters of corruption and anticorruption models. During the second panel, representatives of Mena Group ltd together with City Municipality of Pantelej, the Municipality of Beocin, and General hospital Djordje Joanovic from Zrenjanin presented the results of the work in recognizing procedures that are vulnerable to corruption and action plans for improving these procedures.


During the final session, three concurrent working groups were organized. Mena Group ltd was engaged to facilitate the discussion among the participants in the groups with civil society representatives and public servants. The group with civil society representatives discussed the issue of improving the role of civil society in combating corruption on local, national and regional level, whereas the group with public servants discussed whether employees in the public sector are partners or obstacles in combating corruption. The third group was facilitated by Legal Scanner (Pravni skener) representative and the discussion was on improving the mechanisms for combating corruption in health sector.



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Active citizens against corruption

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(December) – June

Project ”Active citizens against corruption: Best practices to cure and prevent corruption in local communities”


Representatives of Mena Group ltd were engaged by the organization Partners for Democratic Change Serbia as anticorruption practitioners on the implementation of the project ”Active citizens against corruption: Best practices to cure and prevent corruption in local communities”. The objective of the project was the implementation of an adapted version of the innovative anti-corruption methodology in City municipality of Pantelej, Municipality of Beocin and general hospital ““Đorđe Joanović” from Zrenjanin.


This innovative anti-corruption methodology was developed by Ana Vasilache and Nicole Rata of the Romanian civil society organization, Partners Foundation for Local Development (FPDL)[1], and Ronald McLean Abaroa former Mayor of La Paz (Bolivia), based on the theoretical framework for battle against corruption in a local context by Professor Robert Klitgaard.


Mena Group representatives were responsible for facilitating the development of anticorruption intervention plans with the aim of identifying procedures and activities most vulnerable to corruption, finding solutions to decrease their vulnerability and planning interventions for further work of these public institutions.


Mena Group worked on this project from December 2013 until June 2014, when its representatives participated on the final conference organized by Partners for Democratic Change Serbia.




Mena Group participated at the first National Conference of Trainers and Consultants from Serbia

Mena Group representative, Tatjana Obradovic Tosic, participated at the first National Conference of Trainers and Consultants from Serbia. The conference was organised under the initiative “Training and Consultancy Forward” implemented by the National Coalition for Decentralisation and supported by USAID and the Institute for Sustainable Communities, with technical support from TACSO.

Through the process of mapping and regional gatherings which were organized during the month of May, the trainers and consultants’ community recognized priority topics which should be discussed at the conference. These are the following: ethical code, work standards for training and consultancy and types of organizations within the trainers and consultancy.

The conference was attended by 40 trainers and consultants and 30 partners and guests from the donor community (USAID, ISC, TACSO Serbia, regional TACSO office, etc.)


For more on the conference see: http://www.decentralizacija.org.rs/vesti/Desavanja/Odrzana-Nacionalna-konferencija-trenersko-konsultantske-zajednice-u-Srbiji.sr.html


For more on the initiative see:


and http://www.iscserbia.org/eng/News/News82.html

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What works for Women in Balkans

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Mena Group as the Consultant on the World Bank project “What works for Women in Balkans”


Mena Group ltd is contracted by the World Bank to perform a research and gender analysis of programs that focused on improving women’s access to economic opportunities. Mena Group team evaluated interventions that have been implemented since 2005 and which had more than 25 beneficiaries. In order to map different types of interventions, Mena Group applied a methodology that covered interventions by the Government, foreign donors, CSOs and the local self-governments, but also researches done in the field. The research should also provide an overview of programs targeting multiple discriminated women, such as Roma women, rural women and women with disabilities.

Mena Group searched for interventions that had women economic empowerment as a primary goal, as part of the intervention, but also the ones that did not have gender equality as an objective at all, but affected women’s economic rights.

The “What Works for Women in Balkans” is project initiated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and funded by the World Bank. “What works…” is an initiative that would serve as a first step in creating a single source of knowledge and information about gender initiatives in each country in the Western Balkans. The objective of this initiative is to collect information and document interventions aimed at economic empowerment of women in the region. This project will increase knowledge and recognition of gender activities in the Western Balkans region, and provide resources to the community working on gender in each country so they can have more information and understanding of what works and what does not.

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REF “Mother-Child Educational Programme” – results

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MAY 22-23, 2014

Tatjana Obradovic Tosic, coordinator of REF “Mother-Child Educational Programme” presented project results to representatives of educational institutions and UNICEF from Moldavia


On the 22nd and 23rd of May representatives of educational institutions (Ministry of education, Ministry of science, youth and sport, University, schools and NGOs) as well as representatives of UNICEF Moldavia, visited REF programs in Serbia in order to learn about REF good practices in working with the NGOs and governmental institutions.



Mena Group representative, Tatjana Obradovic Tosic, is the coordinator of the „Mother-Child Educational Programme“ funded by REF. She was invited to deliver a presentation on the successes and experiences from the first phase of the project and to present activities in the second phase. As part of the presentation, representatives from the NGO Hands of friendship from Kraljevo, as project partners, presented the work and activities of their Toy Library.


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Investing In Women’s Employment In The Western Balkans

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MAY 15, 2014 

Mena Group at the Conference of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) „Investing In Women’s Employment In The Western Balkans“)


Mena Group representative, Tatjana Obradovic Tosic, participated at the Conference „Investing In Women’s Employment In The Western Balkans“ held on May 15, 2014.


The Conference brought together high-level participants from business and development sector, government structures and civil society organizations and focused on the opportunities for the private sector to invest in creating more and better jobs for women in the Western Balkans.


As organizers stated a particular focus was “on opportunities for the private sector to attract, retain and promote female talent as part of a gender-smart company strategy geared toward improving business results while improving economic opportunities for women”.


For more on the conference see https://www.wbginvestmentclimate.org/advisory-services/regulatory-simplification/doing-business-reform-advisory/investing-in-women-employment-in-the-western-balkans.cfm

For more on the project see https://www.wbginvestmentclimate.org/advisory-services/regulatory-simplification/doing-business-reform-advisory/investing-in-women-s-employment-in-the-western-balkans.cfm

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