Our package of consulting services:
Mena Group offers a variety of consulting services aimed to bring your business or organisation to the front of the competition. These services can be used simultaneously or individually depending on your needs.



facilitationOur facilitation services consist of the latest techniques and methodologies used by consulting companies to help businesses and organisations achieve economic, strategic and human resource goals. The methodology relies on the idea that the targets of any entity are more efficiently achieved by including all important stakeholders in the decision making process. Thus, by learning and implementing a more participatory process, our clients can achieve greater efficiency…


trainingOur training services consist of a wide range of training courses which help organizations and their teams to learn, develop and grow. Training programmes are tailor made against client’s interest and needs, and created taking into account needs assessment of existing potential and knowledge in the organization. At Mena Group we strongly believe in participatory processes and team work, but we also believe that each member of a company is important…


developmentDevelopment processes around the world require participatory approach methods and tools in order to fulfil its purpose of involvement of local communities and all their participants in the decision making processes. Facilitating and participating in the development processes of local communities, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, is one of the key priorities of Mena Group’s work.



translationWe provide translation services in written and oral form. So if your business needs letters, reports or publications translated or an intermediary to ease your communication with international partners Mena Consulting can help take the pressure off deadlines and stressful situations. Additionally, we offer the translation of legal documents which require certification in English, Serbian and Swedish.