Development processes around the world require participatory approach methods and tools in order to fulfil its purpose of involvement of local communities and all their participants in the decision making processes. Facilitating and participating in the development processes of local communities, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, is one of the key priorities of Mena Group’s work.

We often use ToP methodology and Peter Senge’s approach to organizations as learning and dynamic systems, but the approach can be tailor made to suit client’s needs. Mena Group ltd team provides expertise and consultancy in establishing, managing, coordinating and monitoring development programs and projects.

We provide consultancy in:

    • Rural development (project management, GI, Global GAP, facilitating the formation of farmers’ associations and their strategic focus, policy making, participatory rural appraisal);

    • Gender and development (gender and development approach, gender analysis and mainstreaming of development projects, project management, gender monitoring and evaluation tools, participatory methods and tools for the improvement of women’s position in teams and organizations, trainings, mentoring and coaching services, etc.);

    • Minority rights (facilitating the process of inclusion of minorities, especially in the field of education, project management and coordination, mentoring and coaching services for CSOs);

    • Developing learning teams and organizations (facilitating organizational, team and individual learning and development, group work, the set up and development of teams, etc.);

    • Capacity building with local authorities and communities (good governance, development of anti-corruption strategic plans, strategic and action planning, etc.).