Our facilitation services consist of latest techniques and methodologies used by consulting companies to help businesses and organizations achieve economic, strategic and human resource goals.

The methodologies rely on the idea that the targets of any entity are more efficiently achieved by including all important stakeholders in the decision making process. Thus, by learning and implementing a more participatory process, our clients can achieve greater efficiency, meet targets, create greater employee/participant commitment and dedication, boost competitive advantage, build consensus and much more.

The team at Mena Group has been internationally trained in the most well-known techniques of facilitation.

We offer services in:

  • facilitation of retreats and team building activities;
  • facilitation of organizational and team learning and development (Systems’ Thinking);
  • facilitation of group formation processes;
  • facilitation of meetings (strategic, project, CEO meetings, Board members meetings, planning meetings, etc.);
  • facilitation of workshops;
  • strategic planning and action planning processes facilitation;
  • conference planning;
  • focus group facilitation;
  • facilitation of monitoring and evaluation processes;
  • design and delivery of tailor made facilitation training, etc.