Our training services consist of a wide range of training courses which help organizations and their teams to learn, develop and grow. Training programmes are tailor made against client’s interest and needs, and created taking into account needs assessment of existing potential and knowledge in the organization.

At Mena Group we strongly believe in participatory processes and team work, but we also believe that each member of a company is important and if they grow, the company will grow. That is why we offer training programmes and events on:

  • Project cycle management and strategic development, including:
    • Strategic planning
    • Action planning
    • Project cycle development and management
    • LFA development and monitoring
    • Monitoring and evaluation methods

  • Capacity development, including:
    • Team building
    • Systems thinking
    • Delegation skills
    • Time management skills
    • Leading effective teams – leadership skills
    • Effective communication and Non-violent communication
    • Conflict resolution
    • Awareness raising
    • Building networks

As trained facilitators we also believe that using facilitation skills and methods in managing change is of key importance to maximize organizational, team and individual potential. Thus we offer trainings on:

  • Basic facilitation skills,
  • Advanced facilitation skills
  • Facilitation of meetings

In Mena Group ltd, we strongly believe in equal opportunities for everyone, especially women and men. That is why we offer public entities, companies and organizations trainings on:

  • Gender awareness
  • Gender analysis
  • Gender mainstreaming in strategic planning process
  • Gender mainstreaming in project planning
  • Gender mainstreaming in company policies and practices
  • Gender analysis of media content