Urban Governance/Integrity Building in South East Europe

Urban Partnership Program Phase II

The UPP II represents a continuation of the activities undertaken in SEE within the UPP I Strategic and Action Planning with the support of the World Bank. Having set a solid foundation for Anticorruption/Integrity building in 10 municipalities from the Cohort I, the Program extends its activities further, both vertically (deepening its work with Cohort I municipalities) and horizontally (disseminating the methodology and approach in new 8-10 municipalities) in the target SEE countries.

The UPP II project is implementing by Consortium, comprises of four organizations/firms from the Western Balkans region, namely Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management (Albania), Metis Consulting (Croatia), Public Administration Trainers (PAT) (Macedonia and Kosovo) and Mena Group ltd (Serbia). These organisations/firms have been implementing the Anti-corruption programme for LGs in assigned countries under the World Bank UPP I programme in the past three years. Additionally, these organizations/firms  have been cooperating for three years as an informal network of Anti-Corruption Practitioners. The leader of the consortium is Mena Group ltd. from Serbia.

The project overall approach is to have strong participatory component to successfully curb corruption and provide better service delivery to citizens and it relies on intensive and proactive involvement of relevant municipalities and their leadership, but also other staff members. In order to address each municipality individually and tailor suitable solutions and measures the methodology provides separate interventions in every municipality.

The process itself is conducted by the local governments and it follows methodology including diagnosis of the local government’s current state of affairs to further enable elaboration of most adequate solutions, strategies and actions. It relies on definition of  strategies/action plans to help local governments enhance integrity, transparency, and accountability – being the main pillars of sustainable urban development.


If you would like to applay for participation in this program, please send us the complited application form. The information for applicants are within the application form, so pelase read carefully. The deadline for applications is different for each contry, so please contact your local contact person.



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