August 4, 2014 | Posted in:News


Mena Group as the Consultant on the World Bank project “What works for Women in Balkans”


Mena Group ltd is contracted by the World Bank to perform a research and gender analysis of programs that focused on improving women’s access to economic opportunities. Mena Group team evaluated interventions that have been implemented since 2005 and which had more than 25 beneficiaries. In order to map different types of interventions, Mena Group applied a methodology that covered interventions by the Government, foreign donors, CSOs and the local self-governments, but also researches done in the field. The research should also provide an overview of programs targeting multiple discriminated women, such as Roma women, rural women and women with disabilities.

Mena Group searched for interventions that had women economic empowerment as a primary goal, as part of the intervention, but also the ones that did not have gender equality as an objective at all, but affected women’s economic rights.

The “What Works for Women in Balkans” is project initiated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and funded by the World Bank. “What works…” is an initiative that would serve as a first step in creating a single source of knowledge and information about gender initiatives in each country in the Western Balkans. The objective of this initiative is to collect information and document interventions aimed at economic empowerment of women in the region. This project will increase knowledge and recognition of gender activities in the Western Balkans region, and provide resources to the community working on gender in each country so they can have more information and understanding of what works and what does not.