We combine many proven methodologies and tools

In our work we combine many proven methodologies and tools, and we create new approaches for your needs. Some of the methodologies and tools are the following:

− Technology of participation®
− Appreciative inquiry
− Positive Power Influence
− Feedback culture development
− Problem solving
− Meeting and conversation leading methods

− Conflict management
− Sales techniques
− Presentation techniques
− Communication skills
− Active listening
− ORID conversation method

− Participatory monitoring and evaluation approaches

− Innovation Camp methodology
− Open space methodology

− 5th Discipline”
− Agile methodology
− Islands of integrity
− Strategic and action planning
− Gender equality gap analysis
− Procedures definition (internal and external)

− Needs assessment
− Participatory and Experiential training approach
− Train the trainer

− Gender analysis
− Surveys and questionnaires creation
− Laws and regulation comparative analysis