Meetups for Gold Standard Facilitation

We believe that everyone who works in a team should have facilitation skills to help the team to collaboratively navigate from problems to solutions.

Initiators of these meetups are experienced facilitators Kata Faix (Certified Professional Facilitator at IAF) and Tamara Zivadinovic (member of IAF). They are dedicated to building the facilitators’ community in the region as members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and as leaders of the Central Eastern European chapter of the IAF


The main purpose of the meetups is to promote the power of facilitation and build up the community of people that are new to facilitation and/or experienced facilitators.

This community should inspire its members to believe that facilitation is crucial to the positive change in the societies, businesses and organisations.

What do these Facilitation Meetups give to you?

  • Share knowledge and skills in Facilitation
  • Exchange experience and discuss different situations when working with teams, communities, businesses, and organisations
  • Create a safe place to explore new ideas to create the latest trends
  • Practice different methods using online facilitation
  • Giving and asking for feedback to grow together

Frequency and flow:

Although initiated by Kata and Tamara, meetups organisation teams might vary and everyone can become a member of the team. Wide network of international members of the IAF will be invited to come and join us in our meetups in order to learn and discuss together. Also, the community should be encouraging for others to lead a meetup and become members of organisational team.

Come and join us! Share and learn! Promote the power of facilitation with us*!

*by applying for this meetup you become a member of the facilitators’ network and you will start receiving information for all future meetups organised within and by this community

Apply for the meetup facilitation