Experienced facilitator

Tamara Živadinović, is experienced facilitator, multi-stakeholder process specialist, founder of Mena Group and Coordinator of Serbian Facilitators’ Network.

Her expertise is spread over a number of fields, from facilitation of multi-stakeholders processes (from local to international), training and organisational development to rural development and agriculture, and is continuously expanding.

She works with different groups (from rural development to business and international) on co- creation of processes that can help those groups to reach new visions and results. Her focus lays with facilitation of planning processes and organisational development, building integrity of individuals, leaders and groups. She is a facilitator with more than 10 years of experience in using different methodologies and willing to continuously learn and develop new approaches. Graphic recording is her tool for boosting processes. She believes in people, their power to move things and start positive change. She uses yoga and mental aikido to understand and improve relation with herself and with the world.

Lives in Serbia, working locally and internationally; member of the International Association of Facilitators and the Coordinator of the Serbian Facilitators Association.

Core skills

Facilitation and Training: Since 2004, Tamara Živadinović has been an inspirational trainer and facilitator in various fields, including train-the-trainers, facilitation techniques, project management, leadership with integrity, and other topics. She designs and manages different training programmes according to the client’s needs. In the last years, she has delivered training programmes, as well as individual trainings for private and public clients including, as well as CSOs. She is co-creating processes with different teams and organisations, and facilitate change, organisational development, creation of learning environments in organisation, strategic planning, as well as creativity and innovation busting processes.

Leadership with integrity. Tamara Živadinović truly believes in bringing change to the world by helping leaders to discover their potential, and expanding their boundaries to lead people and organisations with integrity. She helps leaders, as well as organisations to develop their systems and procedures and to build integrity into their management. She has trained leaders of public, profit and non-profit organizations.

Organizational Development and Change Management. Tamara Živadinović is helping organizations to optimize their resources, to improve their performance, to analyze their weaknesses and to make themselves adoptable to the constantly changing environment. She does that through the process oriented facilitation, coaching and training approach that is created for and with each client.

Strategic planning. Tamara Živadinović has a wide experience in strategic planning with different teams, organisations, public institutions, but also with grass-root groups and farmer organisations. She applies different methodologies and combines them into the most effective approaches for each of the groups she works with. Her approach is to co-create strategic future ideas and visions with teams, strongly trying to build the ownership and dedication, crucial for future implementation and change.

Project Management; Monitoring and Evaluation. Tamara Živadinović has been working as a project manager and project management advisor for more than 15 years. She has implemented and supported more than 20 projects in different fields and in national and regional surrounding. She was a team leader and project manager for the regional project funded by the World Bank, implemented in South-East Europe, as well as many other national and international projects funded by different donors – SIDA, UNDP, UN FAO, Danida, World Bank, etc.

Development / Local and Global. Tamara Živadinović involvement in change management processes in development assistance sector, with a specific focus in rural development, has brought her experience in working with different groups and beneficiaries. She is regularly working with UN system organisations (especially FAO) and the German development collaboration, as well as World Bank, SECO, EU, etc. While working in different programmes, her focus is always on participatory processes, multi-stakeholders approaches and inclusion of gender perspectives and mainstreaming.

Geographical indication and local products/Product development and certification. Tamara Živadinović is helping producers to define their products, protect them and develop internal and external procedures for their certification. Local heritage, traditional products, specificity of the area and landscapes are of her interest. She works with local groups, but also competent authorities and institutions at national and international level to build up systems for protection/certification of these products. She has a broad experience working in South-East Europe, as well as providing trainings in Switzerland, Thailand, etc. Member of international teams, participating in forums and events related to this topic.